Popularity Poll Results

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2009 Popularity Poll Results
Ruth Barker, North Carolina
My mailbox was a little lonely this year, receiving only 30 ballots, representing 36 members. Perhaps the lower response this year was due to not having a convention! A special thanks to all who participated.

The results give us a new winner! ‘SUE JO’ was the top contender, with ‘FLASHING KOI’ and ‘LITTLE BOW PINK’ coming in a close second.

There are three newcomers (and returners) to the top ten list this year, ‘ALL IN WHITE’, BLUE SPRITZ’ and ‘RASPBERRY CANDY’.

2009 Place Votes Cultivar (Hybridizer/Introduction Year) 2008 Place
115SUE JO (Delmez ’03)5
2 tie13FLASHING KOI (Marx ’78)7
2 tie13LITTLE BOW PINK (Delmez ’98)1
4 tie11BLUE SPRITZ (Delmez ’96)13
4 tie11FRILLED ENCHANTMENT (Marx ’59)3
6 tie9DIRIGO PINK MILESTONE (White ’00)1
6 tie9JAPANESE PINWHEEL (McEwen ’88)10
8 tie8ALL IN WHITE (Delmez ’00)--
8 tie8RASPBERRY CANDY (Bauer/Coble ’99)--
10 tie7CENTER OF ATTENTION (Rich’86)10
10 tie7PINKERTON (Bauer/Coble ’99)4
12 tie6BLUSHING SNOWMAIDEN (Harris ’00)--
12 tie6BUTTERFLIES IN FLIGHT (Aitken ’91)16
12 tie6CASCADE CREST (Aitken’88)10
12 tie6CRAYOLA KISS (Walker ’05)--
12 tie6DIRIGO RED ROCKET (White ’01)16
12 tie6LAKE EFFECT (Bauer/Coble ’04)--
12 tie6RIVULETS OF WINE (Aitken ’99)--
12 tie6SIMPLY STATED (Hager ’06)--

2008 Popularity Poll Results
Ruth Barker, North Carolina
As you might imagine, there was a flurry this year when we realized that the ballot was omitted from the spring mailing of The Review. Although they were mailed separately, we still had a good return of the votes, with 45 ballots, representing 52 members! Many thanks to all who participated.
It was exciting counting the votes, which resulted in a tie for first place between ‘Dirigo Pine Milestone’, who won the past 3 years and ‘Little Bow Pink’, both receiving 16 votes each!

In 2008 we welcome 5 newcomers (and returners) to the Top Ten Favorites: 'Frilled Enchantment’, 'Pinkterton’, ‘Bellender Blue’, ‘Lion King’ and ‘Cascade Crest’!

Nine cultivars received two or more write-in votes and will be on the 2009 Ballot.

2008 Place Votes Cultivar (Hybridizer/Introduction Year) 2007 Place
1 tie16DIRIGO PINK MILESTONE (White '00)1
1 tie16LITTLE BOW PINK (Delmez ’98)4
412PINKERTON (Bauer/Coble ‘98)4
5 tie11SUE JO (Delmez ’03)4
5 tie11SING THE BLUES (Reid '97)5
7 tie10BELLENDER BLUE (Bauer/Coble ’96)--
7 tie10FLASHING KOI (Marx '78]16
7 tie10LION KING (Bauer/Coble '96)16
10 tie9CASCADE CREST (Aitken '90)16
10 tie9CENTER OF ATTENTION (Rich '86)4
10 tie9JAPANESE PENWHEEL (McEwen ‘88)2
13 tie8BLUE SPRITZ (Delmez '98)2
13 tie8CAPRICIAN BUTTERFLY (Marx ’85)11
13 tie8IAPETUS (Innerst ’88)16
16 tie5BUTTERFLIES IN FLIGHT (Aitken '91)--
16 tie5DIRIGO RED ROCKET (White ‘01)4
16 tie5ELECTRIC RAYS (Aitken ’90)11
16 tie5OREGON MARMALADE (Walker ’03)16

2007 Popularity Poll Results
Ruth Barker, North Carolina

Thank you to all the members who returned their ballot for this year’s Popularity Poll. I received 29 ballots, representing 38 members. Since this was my first year in this position, I found myself eagerly awaiting the daily mail, in hopes of an orange ballot!

John White’s ‘Dirigo Pink Milestone’ continues its reign for the third year in a row, with 12 votes! Of course, ’Milestone’ was just announced as winner of the Payne Medal, also! Runners-up received 10 votes, 4th – 10th received 7 votes, while the remaining received 6 and 5 votes respectively.

As you can see from the list, we had many cultivars with the same number of votes. We want to welcome ‘Flashing Koi’, ‘Center of Attention’, ‘Dirigo Red Rocket’ and ‘Raspberry Candy’ to the prestigious top ten and several other new entries to the list.

2007 Place Votes Cultivar (Hybridizer/Introduction Year) 2006 Place
2 tie10BLUE SPRITZ (Delmez '98)10
2 tie10JAPANESE PINWHEEL (McEwen '88)3
4 tie7CENTER OF ATTENTION (Rich '86)17
4 tie7DIRIG0 RED ROCKET (White '01)17
4 tie7FLASHING KOI (Marx '78)--
4 tie7LITTLE BOW PINK (Delmez '98)5
4 tie7FLASHING KOI (Marx '78]16
4 tie7RASPBERRY CANDY (Bauer/Coble '99)17
4 tie7SING THE BLUES (Reid '97)2
4 tie7SUE JO (Delmez '03)5
11 tie6ALL IN WHITE (Delmez '00)17
11 tie6CAPRICIAN BUTTERFLY (Marx ’85)10
11 tie6ELECTRIC RAYS (Aitken ’90)10
11 tie6FRILLED ENCHANTMENT (Marx '59)3
11 tie6LAKE EFFECT (Bauer/Coble '04)--
16 tie5BEWITCHING TWILIGHT (Harris '00)4
16 tie5CASCADE CREST (Aitken '90)--
16 tie5CRYSTAL HALO (Marx '59)--
16 tie5IAPETUS (Innerst '88)--
16 tie5LION KING (Bauer/Coble '96)8
16 tie5OREGON MARMALADE (Walker '03)10
16 tie5PRAIRIE TWILIGHT (Hazzard '77)--
16 tie5TIDELINE (Bauer/coble '95)--