Display Gardens

Display Gardens

 The Society of Japanese Irises has a network of display gardens whose owners are willing to have them open to the public during the bloom season. One of the best ways to learn more about Japanese irises is to visit gardens which have a good assortment of cultivars. Most owners are also willing to explain how to grow them well and a few may even show you some of their hybrids which are being evaluated for introduction. When visiting a display garden it is important to remember that you are a guest and that you should be considerate and follow the guidelines below.

  • Always make advance arrangements for your visit via letter, phone or email.
  • Keep to your arrangement or, if not possible, let the owner know of your change in plans.
  • Use public facilities before you arrive at the garden. It is the garden which is on display, not the owner’s private home. Note some gardens do have public  facilities ask when making your advanced arrangement.
  • Small children and pets are not encouraged; if it is necessary to bring them along, be sure to keep them under control at all times.
  • Do not pick flowers, even those which have gone by (they might represent a desired cross); also, resist the temptation to pull “weeds”.
  • Most host will welcome your questions but remember that their time may be limited so do not prolong the conversation if they start to fidget.


Earthheart Gardens
Sharon Whitney
1709 Harpswell Neck Road,
Harpswell, ME 04079-3303
207-833-6905     info@eartheartgardens.co
early-mid July (200); hyb; sales; Siberian irises, all types of plants


Draycott Gardens
Carol Warner
16815 Falls Road, Upperco, MD 21155
410-374-4788     draycott@qis.net
mid June-early July (300); hyb; sales; Siberian irises, peonies, rhododendrons, daffodils, rock garden plants, general perennials

Dennis Hager
373 Cypress St, PO Box 390, Millington, MD 21651
410-928-3147     hager@aredee.com
mid June (100+); hyb; Siberian irises,species,bearded, daylilies, hosta, bamboo, hellebore, magnolia, azalea


Ensata Gardens
John Coble and Bob Bauer
9823 E.Michigan Ave., Galesburg, MI 49053
269-665-7500     ensata@aol.com
late June (450); hyb; sales; Siberian iris, hosta collection, daylilies


Jim and Jill Copeland
78118 M-40, Lawton, MI 49065
269-624-1968     jandjcope@aol.com
late June-July (200); hyb; heaths, heathers, trees


Don and Sue Delmez
3240 Connecticut Ave., St. Charles, MO 63301
early-mid June (250); hyb; sales; general perennials


Presby Memorial iris Garden
474 Upper Mountain Ave., Montclair, NJ 07043
973-783-5974     presbyiris@comcast.net
late June-mid July (40); tall bearded, median, Siberian, Louisiana iris


Larry Westfall
PO Box 243; 1665 Hollow Road, Birchrunville, PA 19421
610-827-1123     lwestbirch@verizon.net


Glenara Gardens
George and Carol Boyce
520 Dairy Road, Palmerton, PA 18071-5923
610-824-8198     glenara@aol.com
Extensive collection from hybridizers across the nation and our own seedling beds. Lilacs, daylilies


Aitken’s Salmon Creek Garden
Terry and Barbara Aitken
608 N. W. 119 St., Vancouver, WA 98685-3802
360-573-4472     aitken@flowerfantasy.net
mid-late June (200); hyb; sales; all types of irises, orchids


Patrick and Margaret Spence
PO Box 1062, Lake Stevens, WA 98258
425-770-5984     patrick@cascadiairisgardens.com
late June early July ( 400); hyb; sales; all types of irises, daylilies, peonies


Chad Harris
PO Box 346; 12 Marble Road, Washougal, WA 98671-0346
360-835-1016     chadharris@prodigy.net
mid June-early July (200+); hyb; sales; all types of irises


Willie and Jeannine Hublau
Steenweg Op Borgloon 37A, 3830 Wellen, Belgium 012-74-55-21
mid June-mid July (350); hyb; daffodils, hosta, daylilies, peonies, poppies, rock garden plants