SJI Popularity Poll 2020

Each year members of the Society for Japanese Iris cast votes for their favorite Japanese iris. This year 119 votes were cast for 42 different irises. Thank you Malcolm for compiling this Popularity Poll of Japanese Iris for 2020.

This year tied for the top voted was ‘Dalle Whitewater’ and ‘Evelyn White’.

Dalle Whitewater
Dalle Whitewater

‘Dalle Whitewater’ (Harris 2011)

Evelyn White

‘Evelyn White’ (White 2004)

Three-way tie for 2nd favorite (in alphabetical order)

Columbia Deep Water
Columbia Deep Water

‘Columbia Deep Water’ (Harris 2013)

Lion King.
Lion King

‘Lion King’ (Bauer/Coble 1996)

Pure Emotion
Pure Emotion

‘Pure Emotion’ (Aitken 2013)

Three-way tie for 3rd favorite (in alphabetical order)

Midnight Fireworks

‘Midnight Fireworks’ (Aitken 2014)

Neptune’s Trident

‘Neptune’s Trident’ (Harris 2010)

Red Repeater
Red Repeater

‘Red Repeater’ (Aitken 2010)

A six-way tie for 4th favorite (in alphabetical order)

Amethyst’s Sister

‘Amethyst’s Sister’ (Harris 2012)

Caprician Butterfly, Payne Medal 1994
Caprician Butterfly

‘Caprician Butterfly’ (Marx by Rodgers 1985)

Freckled Geisha (Reid 1981) Payne Award 1987
Freckled Geisha

‘Freckled Geisha’ (Reid 1981)

Indigo Angel
Indigo Angel

‘Indigo Angel’ (Bauer/Coble 2011)

Rivulets of Wine
Rivulets of Wine

‘Rivulets of Wine’ (Aitken 1999)

Sugar Dome
Sugar Dome

‘Sugar Dome’ (Bauer/Coble 2008)

A seven-way tie for 5th favorite (in alphabetical order)

Craola Kiss

‘Craola Kiss’ (Walker 2005)

Flamingo Waltz

‘Flamingo Waltz’ (Harris 2014)

Japanese Plum
Japanese Plum

‘Japanese Plum’ (Harris 2010)

Koto Harp Strings

‘Koto Harp Strings’ (Harris 2016)

Lake Effect
Lake Effect

‘Lake Effect’ (Bauer/Coble 2004)

Red Tessa

‘Red Tessa’ (Aitken 2007)

Summer Storm

‘Summer Storm’ (Marx 1955)

Which ones are your favorites? If you are interested in growing Iris ensata, Japanese Iris, and wish to vote join us at Membership you need not be a Judge to vote your “Favorite”.


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