SJI Popularity Poll for 2019

Each year members of the Society for Japanese Iris cast votes for their favorite Japanese iris. Several this year were on the favorite list in 2018, with some moving up in rank. While many others have been added to the list for the first time.

Evelyn White

‘Evelyn White’ (White 2004) A bright 6 fall white bloom with a sharp edge of red-violet moved to the top of the list.

A tie for second (alphabetical order).

Flamingo Waltz

‘Flamingo Waltz’ (Harris 2014)

Lake Effect
Lake Effect

‘Lake Effect’ (Bauer/Coble 2004)

A three way tie for third favorite (alphabetical order).

Oh So Pink Payne Medal 2017
Oh So Pink

‘Oh So Pink’ (Delmez 2009)

Rivulets of Wine
Rivulets of Wine

‘Rivulets of Wine’ (Aitken 1999)

Sugar Dome
Sugar Dome

‘Sugar Dome’ (Bauer/Coble 2008)

Fourth place tie with six irises (alphabetical order).

Center of Attention
Center of Attention

‘Center of Attention’ (Rich 1986)

Kimono Silk
Kimono Silk

‘Kimono Silk’ (Bauer/Coble 2008)

Light at Dawn
Light at Dawn

‘Light at Dawn’ (Marx 1957)

Midnight Fireworks

‘Midnight Fireworks’ (Aitken 2014)

Red Tessa

‘Red Tessa’ (Aitken 2007)

Sue Jo
Sue Jo

‘Sue Jo’ (Delmez 2003)

Twelve irises tied for the fifth position (alphabetical order).

Amethyst’s Sister

‘Amethyst’s Sister’ (Harris 2012)

Belgium Warrior

‘Belgium Warrior’ (Hablau 2003)

Caprician Butterfly, Payne Medal 1994
Caprician Butterfly

‘Caprician Butterfly’ (Marx  by Rodgers 1985)

Christina's Sister
Christina’s Sister

‘Christina’s Sister’ (Copeland 2009)

Hopes and Dreams

‘Hopes and Dreams’ (Delmez 2011)

Indigo Angel
Indigo Angel

‘Indigo Angel’ (Bauer/Coble 2011)


‘Jocasta’ (Innerst 1988)

Lion King.
Lion King

‘Lion King’ (Bauer/Coble 1996)

Neptune’s Trident

Neptune’s Trident (Harris 2011)

Pure Emotion
Pure Emotion

‘Pure Emotion’ (Aitken 2013)

Ruffled White Water
Ruffled White Water

‘Ruffled White Water’ (Copeland 2009)

Victorian Trim
Victorian Trim

‘Victorian Trim’ (Bauer/Coble 2009)
Twenty-four favorites several of these are award winning plants.
Which one do you favor and wish for your garden?

Thank you Malcolm of British Columbia, Canada for orchestrating the Society for Japanese Iris Popularity Poll for 2019.



One thought on “SJI Popularity Poll for 2019”

  1. Neptune’s Trident is my favorite, but it was hard to choose. There are so many beautiful ones! In some cases.I liked the name, for example, Kimono Silk. I didn’t a really know of the existence of Japanese Irises till now. 😃

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