Welcome to the Society for Japanese Irises! We are a community of Japanese Iris enthusiasts dedicated to cultivating, hybridizing, and promoting the Japanese iris. Our society includes members from around the world.

Native to Asia, Iris ensata (Japanese Iris) is the last iris to bloom, generally several weeks after the tall bearded iris (late June or early July). They tend to be tall (3 to 4 feet) with large, colorful flowers (up to 10 inches in diameter). Their  Cultural window is narrow, however, if met the Japanese iris will be the showpiece of your garden.

The SJI is a section of the American Iris Society. Members convene for an annual meeting as part of each AIS National Convention. Every three years, we come together at our own iris convention for fellowship and to focus on current Japanese iris hybridizing. Our 2017 convention was held in Seattle, Washington. Look for our next convention that will be held in Portland, Oregon 2024. All Conventions are open to the general public with registration, check our National Convention 2024 page for full details.

Special Offer for  The Japanese Irisa wonderful book edited by Currier McEwen for The Society for Japanese Irises. A brief history of the plant, how to grow, with many beautiful full-color plates. A must for any grower of Japanese irises.