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The Review of the Society for Japanese Irises
The Review

Also photo galleries of Conventions, Shows, Display Gardens, and other events hosted by The Society for Japanese Irises.

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The Iris of Japan

Forward: This is probably one of the better prewar write ups on the gardens and iris of Japan, with major focus on Iris ensata, Hanashōbu. 

Reprinted fromTHE AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY, No. 40; 3-48. July 1931



The term Japanese Iris is commonly applied to a special group of these plants which had its tremendous horticultural development in Japan. Varieties have been produced in great number, varying in size and shape of the flower parts as well as range of color. Many of the varieties are described as single, in which there are three large sepals or falls, and three small more or less erect petals or standards. There are other varieties which are spoken of as double, in which the standards have enlarged and assumed the same position and color as the falls. Continue reading “The Iris of Japan”

SJI Popularity Poll 2020

Each year members of the Society for Japanese Iris cast votes for their favorite Japanese iris. This year 119 votes were cast for 42 different irises. Thank you Malcolm for compiling this Popularity Poll of Japanese Iris for 2020.

This year tied for the top voted was ‘Dalle Whitewater’ and ‘Evelyn White’.

Dalle Whitewater
Dalle Whitewater

‘Dalle Whitewater’ (Harris 2011)

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Japanese Iris Awards 2019

American Iris Society
National Awards for Japanese Iris

Every year Judges of The American Iris Society vote for irises that we would like to recommend to the public.

This year was a tie for the highest award dedicated to Japanese Iris
Payne Medal
Each received 23 of the of the 76 cast

Cascade Rain
Cascade Rain

‘Cascade Rain’
Introduced by Chad Harris 2008
Mt Pleasant Iris Farm

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SJI Popularity Poll for 2019

Each year members of the Society for Japanese Iris cast votes for their favorite Japanese iris. Several this year were on the favorite list in 2018, with some moving up in rank. While many others have been added to the list for the first time.

Evelyn White

‘Evelyn White’ (White 2004) A bright 6 fall white bloom with a sharp edge of red-violet moved to the top of the list.

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Society For Japanese Iris Convention 2011

Society for Japanese Iris Convention arriving at the host gardens in Portland, Oregon, June 24 and 25, 2011 found that the bloom had been delayed by a cold spring. Mt Pleasant Iris Farm keeping weather records for several decades stated that this was the latest bloom season experienced. Notice the earlier Tall Bearded iris in the background are still in bloom.

Sisters, Pat and Flora find some bloom at the 2011 SJI Convention
Pat and Flora find some Japanese bloom

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Japanese Iris Awards 2018

Every year the Judges of The American Iris Society vote for irises that we would like to recommend for the public.

This year’s 2018 Japanese Iris Awards

Payne Medal with 18 votes of 98 cast

‘Kimono Silk’

Kimono Silk
Kimono Silk

Introduced by Bob Bauer and John Coble 2008
HM 2012, AM 2016
Payne Medal 2018
Congratulations to Bob and John

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