The Review


The Review of the Society for Japanese Irises
The Review

The Review is The Society for Japanese Irises bi-yearly publication that one receives as a member. Currently, the Club is in the process of having all past Reviews copied to digital to be uploaded here for your reading and research. If you enjoy these and would like to receive the new glossy color printed Review please join us at

(Note the below articles Iris Kaempferi and Japanese Iris are used interchangeably as the correct usage name of Iris ensata was not recognized until later, see 1968 Oct.-Vol5-N2)


  • Japanese Iris-Swearengen
  • First Japanese Iris Show-Hazzard
  • Classification of Japanese Irises-Hirao
  • Tetraploids-Fay
  • Growing and Showing-Hazzard
  • The new Look-Westmeyer


  • Hybridizing-Payne
  • Storing Pollen-Swearengen
  • Preparation of the Iris Beds-Swearengen
  • Tetraploid-Steiger
  • Growing in Iowa-Foley
  • Judging-Payne
  • Japanese Iris Around the World-Hirao


  • A Page Out of History-Swearengen
  • Pot Culture-Hirao
  • Japanese Iris Show-Hazzard
  • Gardens in Terre Haute-Crist
  • Soil Acidity-Swearengen


  • Experiences in Breeding-Hazzard
  • Wildflower-Warburton
  • Across the Years-Swearengen
  • Classification-Westmeyer


  • Photographing Japanese Irises-Payne
  • Japanese Iris in California-Maddocks
  • You Too Can Put on a Show-Westmeyer
  • Breeding Diagrams-Payne


  • How to Succeed with Japanese Irises-Swearengen
  • Japanese Iris in West Virginia-Aultz
  • ‘Numazu’-Hazzard
  • Culture of Japanese Iris in Japan-Ito


  • Show at Terre Haute-Hayes Jr.
  • Payne Garden-Warburton
  • Swearengen Garden-Warburton
  • Ouweneel Garden-Hazzard
  • Isle Garden-Hazzard
  • Breeding Diagrams-Payne


  • Pot Culture-Craig
  • Robin Gleanings


  • Excerpts From My Diary (Japan Visit) -Payne
  • Japanese Iris “Blight”
  • Japanese Iris in Kyoto-Horinaka


  • Studies of the Genus Iris in Japan-Tomino


  • Japanese Iris in South California-Carrington
  • They Bloom in the Summer-Day
  • Beginners Luck with Japanese Iris-Rich
  • Pot Culture-Isle
  • Diseases and Pests
  • The Payne Award-Swearengen
  • Kaempferi vs Ensata vs Laevigata


  • Japanese Iris in Milwaukee-Protzman
  • Higo Type Japanese Iris and the Standards by which they are Judged in Japan-Craig
  • Other Comments on Japanese Irises-Craig
  • Kaempferi vs Ensata vs Laevigata Cont’d
  • The Significance of Japanese Names for Iris-Reed


  • 1969 AIS Convention-Gunther
  • Japanese Iris Notes-Gunther
  • Kaemferi vs Ensata vs Laevigata Cont’d
  • Growing Japanese Iris in the Deep South-Hamilton
  • Dr. George M. Reed
  • Swan Lake Iris Garden


  • Japan 1969-Davidson
  • Lime and Drought Resistant Tetraploid Iris-Steiger
  • Two Tourist’s Observations on Japanese Iris in Japan


  • 1970 AIS Convention
  • First Auction for Apogon Irises-Warburton
  • Creating New Japanese Iris Varieties
  • To Cross or To Hybridize
  • In Hybridizing be Bold-Spence
  • Bill Gunther Report (Branching and Sequential Bloom)


  • ¬†Arlie Payne 1881-1971
  • Effort to Introduce Tetraploidy in Japanese Iris-McEwen
  • The Japanese Iris in Australia Today, Part 1-Raabe, Part 2-Sutton
  • Iris kaempferi X Iris pseudacorus


  • The 1971 AIS Convention
  • The Japanese Iris Book-Hirao, Kuribayashi
  • Tender Loving Culture of Japanese Iris
  • Iris kaempferi vs Iris laevigata
  • Enzymes as Germination Aids


  • Annual Meeting-Westmeyer
  • The 1972 Apogon Auction-Westmeyer
  • Nematodes in Japanese Iris-Hager
  • The Japanese Iris Book Review-Gunther
  • Intensive Care Section-Ouweneel


  • Hybridizing Japanese Iris-Hazzard
  • Crossing Iris kaempferi and Iris pseudacorus-Hirao
  • Visit Japanese Iris Gardens-Listed Open Gardens


  • Meet Your Officers
  • How Would You Record a Good Seedling- Field Note Outline from Payne
  • 1972 Rebloom Report
  • Nematodes-Reprint from A.H.S.
  • 1972 Tetraploidy Report-McEwen


  • Factors Influencing Germination of Japanese Iris Seed-McEwen
  • Japanese Iris with Five-Day Blooms-Ackerman
  • How Effective are Biological Controls-Carleton


  • Efforts To Introduce Tetraploidy Into Japanese Iris-McEwen
  • A Funny Thing Happened When The Gophers Came-Cleaves


  • Japanese Iris in Japan-Eberhardt
  • Iris Photography-Eberhardt


  • Landscape Planting of Japanese Iris-Payne
  • Iris Kaempferi vs Iris ensata-cont.
  • Regional Growing Reports


  • Questionnaire Summary-Hambree
  • Garden Companions with Japanese Iris-Davidson
  • Dr. Currier McEwen Report Tetraploid-McEwen


  • A Japanese Iris Garden in Switzerland-Sir Smithers
  • Pot Culture of Japanese Irises-Hirao
  • Tender Loving Culture of Japanese Irises
  • Yellow Japanese Iris?
  • Regional Reports


  • Iris pseudacorus x Irie kaempferi Hybrids
  • The Magnificent Higo Iris-Kokich (Auckland, NZ)
  • Photographing Flowers in Color-Clark
  • Tetraploidy (Updated Report)-McEwen


  • Hooked on Japanese Iris-Rawdon
  • Why and How Japanese Iris Show-Hazzard
  • Lesson ’76 (Growing at the Pond vs Field)-Ouweneel


  • Iris Kaempferi in Japan
  • Progress Report Tetraploidy 1977-McEwen
  • Lesson ’77 (species cross hybrids)-Ouweneel
  • Kalamazoo Japanese Iris Show-Miller
  • Annual Meeting of the SJI at AIS Convention Memphis-Burton
  • Japanese Iris Show Summerville S.C.
  • Rebloom Report-McEwen
  • Regional Reports


  • Seiwa-en, Missouri Botanical Garden-Eisley
  • What We Have to Judge-Abell
  • News from¬† British Iris Society-Hewitt
  • Report from Huntsville, AL-Ross


  • Wages of Neglect-Abell
  • Progress of Tetraploidy-McEwen
  • Rebloom? Continuing Bloom?-McEwen
  • Observations of Fertilizers in the Culture of Japanese Iris Seedlings-Paolucci


  • Success in Forcing Japanese Iris-Bowden
  • Japanese Iris Blue (Color Film)


  • Performance of Japanese Iris in Soils of Different PH-McEwen
  • Nematode Control
  • A Note Regarding Rebloom-McEwen
  • Control of Couch Grass-Bowden
  • Japanese Iris in the Low Country (S.C.)-Burton


  • Correspondence Letters 1961-1970-Hirao and Payne
  • Denver Botanical Garden-Japanese Iris Planting-Kuesel
  • South Carolina-The Japanese Iris State?


  • South Carolina Tour, Show, and Test Garden-Weber
  • Update on Rebloom-McEwen
  • Obituary Lorenzo Paolucci-McEwen


  • Extending the Bloom Season and Prolonging Flower Longevity-Ackerman, Williams
  • Bee Warburton Writes (Natural Mutations)
  • Seed Size of Miniature Japanese Iris-McEwen


  • Growing Japanese Iris in Colorado-Clark
  • Show Reports


  • Symbolism in Ikebana-Paquet
  • Show Reports


  • Staging A Flower Show-Paquet
  • Dr. McEwen Writes (Damage to leaf and roots)
  • Show Reports

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