Japanese Iris Awards 2018

Every year the Judges of The American Iris Society vote for irises that we would like to recommend for the public.

This year’s 2018 Japanese Iris Awards

Payne Medal with 18 votes of 98 cast

‘Kimono Silk’

Kimono Silk

Introduced by Bob Bauer and John Coble 2008
HM 2012, AM 2016
Payne Medal 2018
Congratulations to Bob and John

Runners up tie with 17 votes each of the 98 cast

‘Bob’s Choice’

Bob’s Choice

Introduced by Jill Copeland 2007
HM 2012, AM 2014

‘Cascade Rain’

Cascade Rain

Introduced by Chad Harris 2008
HM 2011, AM 2015

Japanese Iris Award of Merit with 120 votes cast

‘Columbia Deep Water’

Columbia Deep Water

Introduced by Chad Harris 2013
received 24 votes
HM 2016, AM 2018

‘Red Repeater’

Red Repeater

Introduced by Terry Aitken 2010
received 18 votes
HM 2014, AM 2018

Runners up for the Award of Merit

‘Neptune’s Trident’

Neptune’s Trident

Introduced by Chad Harris 2011
received 13 votes
HM 2014

‘Artesian Spring’

Artesian Spring

Introduced by Chad Harris 2010
received 12 votes
HM 2015

Japanese Iris Honorable Mention with 111 votes cast

‘Columbia Crest’

Columbia Crest

Introduced by Chad Harris 2015
received 18 votes
HM 2018

‘Pure Emotion’

Pure Emotion

Introduced by Terry Aitken 2013
received 14 votes
HM 2018

Runners Up for Honorable Mention

‘Little Bit Yellow’

Little Bit Yellow

Introduced by Jill Copeland 2014
received 11 Votes

‘Pink Moon Shadows’

Pink Moon Shadows

Introduced by Lee Walker 2013
received 11 votes

For an explanation of The American Iris Societies Award System, and postings of past Winners for all iris classes.